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Plastic Container
Plastic containers, including airtight ones, are versatile for storing various items, from chemicals to food. Available in round, rectangular, or square shapes with plain or printed patterns, they're typically white or customizable in durable polypropylene (PP). Offering excellent chemical resistance, they're lightweight, durable, and recyclable, serving diverse needs.
Plastic Bucket
Plastic buckets, often airtight, are sturdy solutions for storing substances, commonly used in chemical and lubricant storage. Available in various shapes and colors, predominantly made from durable polypropylene (PP), they ensure safe storage due to PP's chemical resistance. Versatile for industrial and household use, they offer reliable containment, durability, and recyclability.

Plastic Bottle
Plastic bottles, with screw caps, range from 100 ml to 5 liters, favored for chemical storage. Round-shaped for easy handling, they're made of durable polypropylene (PP), ensuring chemical resistance and content integrity. Lightweight yet sturdy, they're essential for secure liquid storage in both industrial and domestic settings.
A 675-gram Plastic Square Bucket, made of Polypropylene (PP) in white, ensures durability and chemical resistance for diverse materials. Its square shape maximizes space efficiency, ideal for various applications. Lightweight yet strong, it securely contains liquids and solids, making it dependable for both industrial and household use.
cashew bucket
Crafted from PPCP, the Cashew Bucket is a rigid container, often in blue or black, designed for the cashew industry. Available in 15 kg or 18.6-liter sizes, it ensures secure storage, maintaining the quality of cashews. Its square shape maximizes storage efficiency, streamlining operations from farm to market for fresher products.
HDPE Bottles
HDPE Bottles, round and white, range from 100 ml to 350 ml, sealed with screw caps. Renowned for robustness and chemical resistance, they're ideal for industrial oil storage. Durable design prevents leaks, while lightweight properties ease handling. Reliable and compatible with various substances, they're essential for safe liquid storage in industries.

The Paint and Chemical Bucket, made from PPCP, is round and white, with sizes from 20 ml to 4 liters, sealed for airtight containment. HDPE buckets ensure durability and chemical resistance, ideal for industrial oil storage, preventing contamination and spillage. Reliable in transportation and compatible with various chemicals, they offer secure storage solutions.
Dairy Bucket
Crafted from PPCP, the Dairy Bucket is primarily in 5 or 10-liter sizes, white for hygiene. Tailored for dairy, it maintains product integrity with durability and chemical resistance. Its robust build and easy-to-clean surface uphold sanitary standards crucial in dairy production, ensuring quality and freshness.

Rectangle Container
The Rectangle Container, with a square shape, is a 12-liter PPCP (Polypropylene Copolymer) square rectangle container in orange. Designed for versatile storage, it offers durability and chemical resistance. Ideal for industrial and household use, it ensures reliable storage with convenience, benefiting from its sturdy construction and vibrant color.
Hydroponic System
The Hydroponic System, typically white, features a square-shaped 40L Hydroponics Bucket made of plastic. Utilized for soilless cultivation, it offers efficient nutrient delivery to plants, enhancing growth and yield. Its design maximizes space and water efficiency, providing a controlled environment for optimal plant development, ideal for indoor gardening and agriculture.

Molds And Dies
Molds and Dies, often white, come in a square-shaped 15-liter bucket. Used in manufacturing, they facilitate precise shaping and forming of materials. Their design ensures durability and accuracy, vital for creating intricate components across industries such as automotive, aerospace, and consumer goods, offering efficiency and consistency in production processes.

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